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I am currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, studying product design and user experience design.
Design has always been something I love. Innovation from scratch, constant exploration and brainstorming are my driving force. My study in university has given me a global vision, and at the same time, it has cultivated my self-learning ability. I will constantly dabble in design, psychology, brand, technology related knwoledge, and comprehensive use in the design process. Systematic engineering and design thinking enable me to analyze problems and products rationally and sensibly.

How To Define Myself:


A player 
A Thinker
An Explorer

In my life, I love traveling and photography, and have traveled through 7 countries. Travelling allows me to empty myself, better think about myself, feel different cultures. After eight years of learning chinese Kung Fu, I know how to be a better person and have a deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture.



2015.11 第一次歌手人物海报拍摄 / First time shooting character posters 
2015.11 第一次参与晚会策划 / First time organizing a campus singer competition
2015.12-2016.1 第一次出国留学 / First time going to Germany for winter program
2016.5 ​第一次水肺潜水,水下18米 / First Time scuba-diving, 18 meter under water
2016.12 第一次国际义工-斯里兰卡 / First time being international volunteer - Sri Lanka